Friday, December 11, 2015

I wrote this a while ago and did not publish it, today I read it. Two years after I wrote it. 

{??? and more ???}

Have you ever felt this way: ???? or perphaps this: ????????????. Somewhere along the lines of "WTF?" or "WTH?" if you are a Christian who truly believes that cursing will send you straight down to hell (don't get me wrong, I'm in a very weird mood right now, I don't swear myself).

In any case, this is how I feel right now. I have a huge question mark printed on my forehead and on my back and on my shoulders, my chest, my thighs, everywhere! I assume it is the result of poor planing, or lack of it thereof. But who am I trying to kid? It is the result of impendorables that life throws at you to see if you will avoid them, embrace them, ignore them or let it be part of you when you shouldn't. When you should be strong and continue with your plans and let anyone ride along, anyone who is ready to, who is willing and especially, someone who is worth your time. No! You don't stop when life throws someone in your way, it almost throws it at you. Life laughs at your reaction! "Think you have a plan? Let's see what you do with this!" But I give myself a pat on the back for trying, for believing after all the heartaches and heartbrakes.I still believe. And although now I am way behind on my plans and now I don't know WhereTH I will end up and why I had to go through this. But hey! It's never too late to go back to your plans after a little detour.

Sometimes detours take you to the right destination.

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