Friday, December 11, 2015

I wish I could set my heart to something or somewhere. I am inherently nomadic. Yes. A nomadic lifestyle would best describe me. From Mexico to Japan and from France to South Korea. I have an addiction for traveling and I am afraid it is incurable. I have a love for airplanes, luggage, passport stamps and embassies. The process of packing, finding your soon-to-be home, meeting new friends -or not. Those are things I thoroughly enjoy. They give me a dose of adrenaline. They are my companions. A new bed, a new house, new neighborhood and if I am lucky new friends and new love! Like every addiction, this will do harm. The kind of harm you can't ever repare or fix. Time goes by, you're 20, now you're 25 and before you know it you will be 30 years old. And your so-called friends are spread around the globe living their lives in different time and you can't talk to them because they are sleeping or because you have slowly faded away from their lives and it works the other way around too. No close friend for me, no strong relationships, no stable job. Family away from me, missing weddings, thesis defense and the list goes on. What do I get? LIFE. An array of images jump in my mind, streets and people everywhere, different languages spoken, heard, and learned. Food, oh so gracious food! Discovering, discovering, discovering! Mind opener and mind-blowing experiences! Music, parties, and get-togethers in the most fascinating places. Roommates from Spain, Japan, and places you had never heard of or imagined -Mongolia, Malta, Cyprus. Having somewhere to spend the night in virtually any continent. 
A brief note on friends before closing this musing:
I have dear friends that I have met during my journeys. Amazingly, these are not people from my own country (except one). They are only a few who I call my dear friends but having met them makes the whole trip worth it.

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