Friday, December 11, 2015

I wrote this a while ago and did not publish it, today I read it. Two years after I wrote it. 

{??? and more ???}

Have you ever felt this way: ???? or perphaps this: ????????????. Somewhere along the lines of "WTF?" or "WTH?" if you are a Christian who truly believes that cursing will send you straight down to hell (don't get me wrong, I'm in a very weird mood right now, I don't swear myself).

In any case, this is how I feel right now. I have a huge question mark printed on my forehead and on my back and on my shoulders, my chest, my thighs, everywhere! I assume it is the result of poor planing, or lack of it thereof. But who am I trying to kid? It is the result of impendorables that life throws at you to see if you will avoid them, embrace them, ignore them or let it be part of you when you shouldn't. When you should be strong and continue with your plans and let anyone ride along, anyone who is ready to, who is willing and especially, someone who is worth your time. No! You don't stop when life throws someone in your way, it almost throws it at you. Life laughs at your reaction! "Think you have a plan? Let's see what you do with this!" But I give myself a pat on the back for trying, for believing after all the heartaches and heartbrakes.I still believe. And although now I am way behind on my plans and now I don't know WhereTH I will end up and why I had to go through this. But hey! It's never too late to go back to your plans after a little detour.

Sometimes detours take you to the right destination.
I wish I could set my heart to something or somewhere. I am inherently nomadic. Yes. A nomadic lifestyle would best describe me. From Mexico to Japan and from France to South Korea. I have an addiction for traveling and I am afraid it is incurable. I have a love for airplanes, luggage, passport stamps and embassies. The process of packing, finding your soon-to-be home, meeting new friends -or not. Those are things I thoroughly enjoy. They give me a dose of adrenaline. They are my companions. A new bed, a new house, new neighborhood and if I am lucky new friends and new love! Like every addiction, this will do harm. The kind of harm you can't ever repare or fix. Time goes by, you're 20, now you're 25 and before you know it you will be 30 years old. And your so-called friends are spread around the globe living their lives in different time and you can't talk to them because they are sleeping or because you have slowly faded away from their lives and it works the other way around too. No close friend for me, no strong relationships, no stable job. Family away from me, missing weddings, thesis defense and the list goes on. What do I get? LIFE. An array of images jump in my mind, streets and people everywhere, different languages spoken, heard, and learned. Food, oh so gracious food! Discovering, discovering, discovering! Mind opener and mind-blowing experiences! Music, parties, and get-togethers in the most fascinating places. Roommates from Spain, Japan, and places you had never heard of or imagined -Mongolia, Malta, Cyprus. Having somewhere to spend the night in virtually any continent. 
A brief note on friends before closing this musing:
I have dear friends that I have met during my journeys. Amazingly, these are not people from my own country (except one). They are only a few who I call my dear friends but having met them makes the whole trip worth it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

{Skirt or Jacket?}

My Jill Stuart Jacket


This adorable jacket comes from Seoul, Korea. Have you noticed how fashionable Asian girls are? They are dressed gangnam style, hmm that's not cool anymore. But in all seriousness, they have the best style I have ever seen.

So while in Seoul I bumped into this little Jill Stuart shop. OK, it was more like an outlet shop but super cool nonetheless. I must admit I didn't know Jill Stuart until my trip to Asia. It's a big brand in Tokyo. I tried on so many things because I couldn't believe the prices!

It all came down to a fabulous skirt  -which suited me perfectly- and a jacket! They were both the same texture and color. As always, I couldn't make a decision. Oh and of course I was leaving the next day so no time to think about it. I ended up getting the jacket, which price doubled the price of the skirt. ( ゚ Д゚)(just trying a kaomoji there).

Since the Winter is upon us and it's been very stormy here, I got to finally wear it! Talk about patience. I loved it so much and then I though..ugghh I should've bought the skirt!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Kryspy Kreme is just up the stairs on the left

Somehow traveling and eating go hand in hand. You travel, you want to try the best local food there is! If you're in Mexico you may want to try the best tacos there are! In France you will want to attack on pastries at la boulangerie, or will you?

All I want to do in Japan is eat カツ丼、そば、焼きそば ...and for dessert an appetizing Kryspy Kreme donut because nothing screams Japan more than that, right? Well, no! But there I was in line waiting to get my doughnut after having eaten a delicious お好み焼き. This happens when your friends have lived there too long  and stopped caring for the local food. Puuulease, can we at least go to Mister Donut?

Sure enough, I had a matcha doughnut. Hey! You do what you can. Well, this is all I can say: the original glazed is and will be your best choice.

Vive la mondialisation!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

{Waikiki? That's my stop!}

I feel like this blog has no feet or head...what? Yeah, you know, no tiene ni pies ni cabeza. Talk about great literal translations. I wanted to post as I traveled, hasn't happened. The trips have been recent though, except for that Great Wall of Chocolate that I ate in Mexico City a good two years ago...oops.

Today, I am posting this picture which I regard as the epitome of a good vacation at the beach. It sums up all the essentials: an immense palm tree, a pool like beach, people bathing, tanning, resorts...sun, sun, and more sun.
This was on my way back from Japan, a 10 hour layover. As the traveler I am I couldn't let this pass.

Waikiki beach! Loved it!