Monday, May 20, 2013

{My life is a dorama}

So a few days ago I arrived in Tokyo. First time in Japan, first time in Asia! I had been dreaming of coming to Japan for years. I am finally here. Now what? Well, now I know my Japanese is worse than I thought. But let's talk about happy matters.

I had the feeling of being in another planet ever since I got off the plane. I immediately noticed their tidiness. I immediately recognized their reverence and veneration for their okyakusama. I knew it when the two workers of the Airbus Limousine I took to Shibuya bowed as our bus took off.

But as I reread my title. I remember I wanted to talk about how close doramas are from the actual life in Japan. What I mean is that sometimes Japanese dramas seem way out of reality from my western mindset. But I did see girls are way too kawaii, some guys are kakoi. In fact, more so than the ones you dig from doramas. They are manly for one thing!
When I see a guy driving one of those little white trucks I think of Tatta hitotsu no koi (Only one love) and when I see the unceasing parade of girls wearing their skirt suits (all of the same color, all with the same shoes) I think of Rich man poor woman. Not to mention the sarari men (I guess it's what we call white collar jobs) that I see all the way from home to my destination. They might remind me of almost every other drama.

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