Sunday, November 24, 2013

{Waikiki? That's my stop!}

I feel like this blog has no feet or head...what? Yeah, you know, no tiene ni pies ni cabeza. Talk about great literal translations. I wanted to post as I traveled, hasn't happened. The trips have been recent though, except for that Great Wall of Chocolate that I ate in Mexico City a good two years ago...oops.

Today, I am posting this picture which I regard as the epitome of a good vacation at the beach. It sums up all the essentials: an immense palm tree, a pool like beach, people bathing, tanning, resorts...sun, sun, and more sun.
This was on my way back from Japan, a 10 hour layover. As the traveler I am I couldn't let this pass.

Waikiki beach! Loved it!


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