Sunday, December 1, 2013


Kryspy Kreme is just up the stairs on the left

Somehow traveling and eating go hand in hand. You travel, you want to try the best local food there is! If you're in Mexico you may want to try the best tacos there are! In France you will want to attack on pastries at la boulangerie, or will you?

All I want to do in Japan is eat カツ丼、そば、焼きそば ...and for dessert an appetizing Kryspy Kreme donut because nothing screams Japan more than that, right? Well, no! But there I was in line waiting to get my doughnut after having eaten a delicious お好み焼き. This happens when your friends have lived there too long  and stopped caring for the local food. Puuulease, can we at least go to Mister Donut?

Sure enough, I had a matcha doughnut. Hey! You do what you can. Well, this is all I can say: the original glazed is and will be your best choice.

Vive la mondialisation!

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